Our Mission

  • Find ways to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure diseases that are affecting our patient’s daily life

  • Offer our patients a better solution to restoring their quality of life

  • Support our patients throughout the trial

Our Goal

Be an extraordinary site, that provides sponsors with full access to physicians and can carry out all clinical trials

Our Vision

MPCRC is a company that strives to do the greater good. Serving our patients is the number one priority. We aim to provide our patients a peace of mind while under our care.

Our Core Values

  • We promote honesty and integrity

  • We stand by compassion and respect

  • We encourage innovation and leadership

Board of Directors

Mayra M. Delgado, MD

Medical Director

In 1989, Dr. Delgado completed her residency program in Internal Medicine in New Jersey. She is board certified in Internal Medicine and has provided medical care with Leon Medical Center, Humana, and Chen Medical. She possesses licenses in Virginia as well as Pennsylvania. Dr. Delgado worked as a clinical director for 5 years in the Federal Bureau of Prisons gaining multiple recognition for Superior Standard Performance. Dr. Delgado began participating in clinical trials as a principal investigator in 2016. As Medical Director of MPCRC, Dr. Delgado ensures that all staff collect accurate and verifiable data according to FDA and ICH GCP guidelines. Dr. Delgado’s mission is to provide high quality services at the most affordable and reasonable cost. She is still accepting new patients at her medical office: Unique Medical Center of Miami. To learn more, or make an appointment, please call 786-801-1394.

Rosa A. Alminaque, PA-C

Executive Director

Dr. Rosa Alminaque graduated with her medical degree in 1980 in Dominican Republic. In 1992, she graduated in Florida with her Physician Assistant License. Dr. Rosa has over 38 years of experience working in the medical field. She worked with the Federal Bureau of Prisons as a physician assistant for 20 years. She has received many recognitions as World’s Best Physician Assistant and for her Superior Standard Performance. Her standard of care is always of upmost importance whether in her medical practice: Unique Medical Center of Miami or participating as a sub-investigator. Dr. Rosa has been participating as a sub-investigator since 2008. Since then she strives to protect all patients participating in clinical investigations according to federal and state regulations.

Gustavo A. Alminaque, RMA

Administrative Director

Mr. Alminaque graduated in 1984 with a Doctors Degree in Dentistry from UCE SPM Dominican Republic. He practiced as a Dentist for 8 years in Dominican Republic and Tenerife Spain. In 1992, he completed a post graduate training in NYU as a Doctor in Dentistry. Mr. Alminaque then worked as a Chief Engineer and Manager for 19 years. He has been certified in Emergency Response for basic parenteral administration on IV, IM SC, and ID routes and strategies. In 2015, he began his career in the research field and has been responsible for supervising staff and maintaining good clinical practice when working with patients. He collaborates with all medical to ensure quality investigations are being conducted.


Principal Investigators

Mayra M. Delgado, MD

Internal Medicine

Jorge Paoli-Bruno, MD

Family Practice

Manuel M. Fernandez, MD

General Practitioner

Lourdes Selem, MD


Lissette Selem, MD


Jorge Marcos, MD



Joseph Selem, MD


Alejandro Pedrozo, MD


Loreta Bidot, MD


Francisco Dieguez, MD

Interventional Cardiologist

Carlos Selema, MD


Jose J. Aldrich, MD


Sonia Victores, MD


Luis Victores, MD


Rosa A. Alminaque, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Debra Price, MD


Steven Price, MD


Alicia Medina, ARNP

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Study Coordinators and Pharmacists

Katherine Torrado

Iliana Diaz, RN

Gustavo Alminaque, RMA

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